An Orthophoto is an aerial photograph that is taken in a way that provides a geometrically correct perspective of the subject matter. Photos of this nature are viewed to scale, similar to how a map looks. The benefit of Orthophoto's means that due to the relief used – which eliminates any camera tilt – there are no variations, displacements or distortions.

ImageAir has various small and medium format optical cameras that we use to create these geometrically corrected (or ‘orthorectified’) images. These images can register perfectly with Cadastral Data (that is, the spatial representation of property boundaries and related land boundaries), making it an ideal service for project planning for your business.

Orthophotos are also an ideal form of reord keeping. The images can be relied upon to provide a geometrically accurate outlook of an aerial view so that changes in land behaviour, sea levels, or urban development can be carefully monitored and recorded over time.